It’s time to return to what truly matters to your


What if you divorced yourself from the fears that keeps you burying the best parts of you, that keeps you feeling trapped and keeps you settling in your life and business?

The good news is you can have it all. Professionals hire me to accelerate their divorce process. Because most are married to the fears that keep them in jobs or circumstances that no longer serve them, married to fears that have them burying or losing the best parts of themselves everyday, and others are trapped chasing their tail trying to keep up. So, I help break down the walls that have kept them trapped, embrace and embody their inner confidence, and ignite a new story for their lives.

Bottom line, they get to return to what truly matters to them.


 I help you live a life unhindered!

Free Masterclass: Discover The Proven & Potent Power of The Fearless Formula... 

Eliminate Fear and Insecurity... Rapidly! 

In this Fearless Formula Masterclass, You will discover

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  • How to Take Inspired Action... (Imagine: no more "procrastination" or "perfectionism"... ever!)
  • How to MANIFEST your Intentions...

 And – truly – realize at the deepest level that you are ENOUGH... and you are capable of far more than you've let yourself believe... until now.

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Free Masterclass: Discover The Proven & Potent Power of The Fearless Formula... Eliminate Fear and Insecurity... Rapidly!



Bisi is an expert in mastering and transcending internal fears, an Award-Winning International Speaker, TEDx Speaker and results focused facilitator.  With a Corporate Finance career of over two decades, she overcame the challenges, demands, and politics of Corporate and answered the calling of her soul. 

She’s the Founder of Fear2Freedom and the creator of the “Live More Fear Less™ Method.    


Bisi works with individuals to disrupt the status quo of their mindset so they discover and reconnect to the powerful parts of themselves that have been buried or lost.  

She to connect deeply on her multi-cultural background. A recent Georgian resident, yet a Jersey girl at heart, with deep Nigerian roots. She enjoys meditating, nature walks, traveling the world, breakfast, and playing auntie to her 8 nieces and nephews. 

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What people say about Bisi

"I wasn’t clear on what a fearless living coach was, or a life coach for that matter. I jumped in not really knowing what I was getting into. I am so grateful for my friend who introduced the coaching to me. I am grateful for my time with my coach, Bisi. She asked the hard questions that had me look deeper into myself and accept the person I am and where I’m headed. It’s been a great experience. "

Teri, Nov 2016

"The Most impactful shift I have had is that I now have a hyper awareness of all the complaining, beating myself up and blaming of others. My daily frustrations and irritations have taken a back seat and I have been more intentional with my daily activities and mind set. I feel light like a huge weight was lifted. "


"When I signed up for Bisi’s 10-day program, I knew I had work to do. Her program is laid out in a way that allows for time to reflect, practice, and report back. The program gave me the boost I needed to do some inner work, as it gave me a whole new insight into my emotions. Now I see them as a signal of fear, rather than riding the emotional train for hours. Thank you, Bisi!"

Madeliene Eno

"Thank you, Bisi! I wasn’t sure if I really had a fear when I started, but your “Discover Your Fearless Formula” program allowed me to see I did. This program gave me an edge, especially when I feel like complaining. I can now stop myself and find something to be grateful for. It has improved my outlook on life and the tools can be used again and again!"

Tammy Schwark Dockins

"When I signed up for the “Discovering Your Fearless Formula” program I was looking to gain clarity on my “unhealthy habits of thinking/being” that were interfering in my personal growth journey. I learned so much more than I expected and understand more about how fear shows up in my life. The tools she gave me allows me to live a more fearless, forgiving, and growth-minded life with more positive energy for myself, my relationships, and my business. Thank you, Bisi, for empowering me with tools I can use for the rest of my life! If you’re not sure about signing up, just do it! You will not regret it. "

Cindy Trow

"I made one of my scariest (stretch) calls which lead to a face to face meeting. The meeting was a success, she is not a client. In addition, she is a great center of influence, so the potential for great referrals from her is big. I was introduced to an owner of a Chick-fil-A franchise and I met with him on friday. I am now putting together a proposal to set up a retirement account for his 200 employees!! Last week was a big week for me!!"

Samantha Dutto Pierre

"In our call today, Bisi MacGregor asked us to share our successes with the group. This past week, I acknowledge myself for: + Meeting with 4 people and coming out with 3 new clients! + Finishing an Expert Bio and Micro Bio for a client + Sending off a quote to him that he requested (Micro Bios for his 20 staff members – This was the biggest quote I’ve ever put together for someone!) + Landing a new Expert Bio client from a networking event + Agreeing to create a Micro Bio for the CEO of my local Chamber of Commerce. She’s also interested in having me write Micro Bios for her staff."

Christina Lawrence

"“I can’t even believe I’m sitting here and speaking so confidently, WOW!”"

Seun, Fear2Freedom LIVE Participant

"“I felt right as soon as I settled into the class. I knew I had done myself a great service by being in the room. A number things you said were like the final puzzle piece. Its about my being not doing! The one thing that cripples me the most is Fear of missing or failure, Comparison, And social media… Ugh! NOT ANYMORE! And There was such a lightness in the room! Thank you!”"

Wuraola Young, Fear2Freedom LIVE Participant

"“Good afternoon Bisi. It was a beautiful workshop. You spoke from the heart and it was easy to connect to that. Hard truths that are difficult to admit and confront was compassionately pointed out and it was easy to admit to them and make redress. Thank you for choosing to light others. My biggest take away is that I don’t have to dim my light for others to shine, rather I can ignite others.”"



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