Reclaim Your Power & Ditch the Fear

Uncategorized May 09, 2020

YOU are powerful. If you are reading this right now, I want you to take that in. People who really listen to me and follow what I say have one thing in common. They already have the power inside of them. Many don’t realize how to use it, however, or they let their fear dictate their lives and steal their power.

Power in Action

I have a client who is brilliant at being a financial coach. In one conversation with her client(s),  she changes lives.  In order for her to make the impact that she needs and wants to make, it requires that she steps out of her comfort zone and speak to large groups of people. For some reason, however, even though she knows within her that she’s brilliant, something kept holding her back.

Thoughts of “Oh my God, what if people don’t show up?” “What if I cannot deliver the way I know I can deliver?” invaded her mind, which caused her to cancel her workshops or not share them as widely as she would if she had more confidence. We had two sessions together. Then she delivered her workshop, which was powerfully engaging. She had nine people in the room and six follow-ups. People were moved.

YOU Can Change People’s Lives

What you are born to do is craved by other people. You need to make this impact you are meant to make. No one else can do it, only you. Your work – your gifting is bigger than you. It is not all about you and you are not supposed to keep the gift you’ve been given. It’s part of the legacy you’re meant to leave.

The question is, are you willing, to do what it takes? The way you are being right now, the way that you have been, has brought you to this moment and the results you have right now. You can’t do the same things if you want to make a bigger impact. You must do something different and you better be ready to get super uncomfortable. Everything you must do to take you to the next level is outside of your comfort zone, which means it’s not fuzzy. It’s not warm. It’s uncomfortable, but people need you. NOW.

About the Author:


I’m Bisi MacGregor and professionals hire me to accelerate their journey to freedom from fear because most people are trapped in jobs, careers, or circumstances that no longer serve them. So, I help them identify, expose and shatter their fears so they can recapture their personal freedom. Bottom line, they go after what matters to them.

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